How Businesses Can Participate & Exhibit

The Brevard Cultural Alliance Art in Public Places exhibition program is very unique. The artwork curated for this program is juried by the Art in Public Places Advisory Committee (APPAC). BCA developed this unique exhibition program as a service for area businesses and also to provide a showcase for artists to show and sell their artwork in numerous locations throughout the county. BCA curates and installs artwork in in over 20 different private businesses, healthcare facilities, and Brevard County locations in all areas of our county.

In a participating location, exhibitions are tailored specifically to the preferences of the host venue and are changed out every four months. This is en engaging way for a business to show their support for Brevard’s artists and cultural community. It also creates a stimulating and vibrant environment for staff and visitors.

Benefits to Participating Businesses

  • Art in the workplace creates a stimulating environment for staff and visitors
  • A way to show your support for artists in your community by using your facility as a venue to showcase their artwork
  • A presence on the BCA website
  • Artwork is changed out every 4 months
  • Artwork is offered for sale to staff and visitors
  • Artwork curated and installed in your business is site specific

How Businesses can get involved?

  • Call or email Lynne Brezina, Arts Services Manager, and request a site evaluation to determine:
    • The quantity of artwork necessary to provide a quality visual experience
    • All artwork must be in public areas (not individual offices)
    • Artwork curated for business is site specific
    • Type of hardware necessary to install artwork
    • Cost and Payment Options

What will BCA do?

  • Prepare contract between BCA and Business
  • Present recommended artwork accompanied by support information to the Art in Public Places Advisory Committee for review and approval
  • Prepare Release of Liability to be signed by artists (they exhibit at their own risk)
  • Prepare Signage for each piece installed
  • BCA shall install and dismantle exhibitions according to schedules approved by the designated contact of the participating business
  • BCA will manage the sales of artwork which may occur during the exhibition. BCA provides an invoice to the purchaser and provides the purchaser information about the artist that created the artwork.
  • BCA shall promote your business on the BCA website and in other publications in which exhibitions are listed.

Call 321-690-6817 or email Lynne Brezina for more information