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How Can My Business Participate?2021-07-19T20:26:29+00:00

Contact Lynne Brezina, Arts Services Manager, and request a site evaluation to determine specific needs for your business.

As an Artist, How Can I Participate in Art in Public Places?2021-06-07T15:04:09+00:00

All artwork must first be juried through the Art in Public Places Advisory Committee for quality and content. The Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every month to review submissions for exhibit approval. In addition:

  • Actual artwork and/or photos of the artwork along with a bio of the artist/gallery must be in the BCA office by Tuesday of that week.
  • All artwork is juried individually
  • All artwork or photos must have titles on the back accompanied by prices.
  • All artwork must be wired and ready for installation
  • Once approved, the Art Service Manager will schedule artwork for installation in a suitable site
  • Each artist must sign a Release of Liability which will cover Brevard County, Brevard Cultural Alliance, and all sites where artwork is displayed.
How Often is the Artwork Changed?2021-05-25T19:48:48+00:00

All exhibitions are tailored specifically to each venue and are changed out every four months.

How much does it Cost to be a Participating Location?2021-06-07T15:06:03+00:00

Since the quantity of artwork is site specific, pricing will vary.  A cost estimate will be provided at the time of site evaluation and payment arrangements can be made to best suit your budget.

Brevard Cultural Alliance supports the arts and cultural community throughout the county. As part of our efforts to promote, encourage, and share local art with Space Coast residents and visitors, Brevard Cultural Alliance’s Art in Public Places (APP) program curates and installs rotating exhibits in area businesses and public buildings such as City Halls, Brevard County’s Viera Government Complex, and Melbourne Orlando International Airport. The exhibitions contribute positively to Brevard County’s evolving and vibrant urban landscapes and helps raise public awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the arts through direct experiences.


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