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Born in East Tennessee, early in life Jim Bowen became fascinated with photography. Using his Mother's Brownie Hawkeye Bowen showed not only an interest, but also a skill for taking quality photographs. For his eighth birthday, Bowen’s mother gave him his own Brownie Hawkeye. This gift provided Bowen not only with the means to capture some of the most beautiful moments of his life but also with the ability to hone his craft After completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Tennessee and a Master’s degree from Indiana University, Bowen moved to Florida to pursue a full-time fine art career. Bowen has successfully immersed himself in photography, art fairs and exhibits throughout Florida.

By request of the Leon Board of County Commissioners, Bowens “Path to the Lake” and “St. Mark’s Lighthouse” are on permanent display at the Leon County Public Library. In 2013 Bowen was the featured artist at the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art in Sanford, Florida. “Bowen’s work, especially the imagery and composition, has really connected with visitors to our Gallery,” said Andrew Dean Hyder, Gallery Curator.

“I’m often asked about the inspiration for my work,” said Bowen. “ Ansel Adams said to best, ‘Sometimes I go to places just when God’s ready for someone to click the shutter,’ and that’s pretty much how it happens.”