Greater Titusville Renaissance

Arts & Culture

There is growing evidence that thoughtful investment in arts and culture initiatives can generate significant economic benefits for cities. With the right strategy and implementation we are working toward creating increases in property values, revenues and jobs. “Placemaking” is not just the act of fixing up a space, but rather a whole process that creates the kind of places where people want to work, live and play. Community input is essential to the placemaking process. “In creative placemaking, partners from public, private, non-profit, and community sectors strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities” (National Endowment for the Arts).

Titusville-Renaissance-logoThe Greater Titusville Renaissance committee will focus on capitalizing on arts and culture, considering North Brevard’s current assets, inspiration and potential. In order to understand our resources better and to foster successful social networks and initiatives we are recruiting local citizens to invest their time and talent in research, planning and moving forward with proactive, evidence based activities. Through deliberate fact-finding, research, and analysis, the ultimate success will be to create public spaces that promote health, happiness and well being; encourage businesses and organizations to relocate and/or expand; and celebrate the uniqueness of our waterfront community. Join the committee and get involved!

Get involved! Be part of the energy… the Greater Titusville Renaissance! To volunteer, e-mail or call 321-264-6750.