Leigh Witherell



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Leigh is an emerging artist here on the Space Coast. She has always had a love of art, so much so that she added a Fine Arts minor to her BA in English before going on to receive her MA in Literature. She relocated to Florida in 2018 with her husband, finding the perfect home with a studio for her artwork.

Leighs’ art is mostly abstract with a strong emphasis on fluid art. She also produces traditional abstract art and photography. She loves creating pieces, especially large ones, that people can connect with, and she loves hearing other interpretations of her work. She says it is thrilling to hear how something she created affects the person studying it.

Much of Leigh’s inspiration comes from a very personal space. She has used her artistic endeavors to help her work through the devastation of losing her only daughter, Amanda, on April 8, 2021. Leigh has channeled many of the feelings that grieving parents feel into her newest pieces to create what she hopes are visions not only of pain, but also hope. Her favorite story to tell is of how her daughter would recall to her friends that her fondest childhood moments were spent creating art next to her mother. It is in her studio that Leigh feels most connected to her daughter. Mother and daughter were going to embark on the journey that is fluid art together, but the universe had other plans. So, Leigh has decided to forge ahead in her daughter’s memory and create the visions they always planned together and this time they would be peers as Amanda was quite the artist on her own.