Ercan Ekinci



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Ercan is a professional executive chef and restaurateur by trade, but also specializes in landscape, wildlife and food photography. Residing in Melbourne, Florida for over 30 years, he is a self-educated photographer whose main focus is capturing inspiring photos of stunning landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, history, and architecture.

As a world traveler, his global connection with people from all over the world began with the love of food. He learned from the heritage, culture, and beauty from his travels around the world. His passion for photography was initially captured with the art of food. This creativity quickly transitioned into landscapes and wildlife.

Seizing the “the golden hour” and the multitude of colors of each sunset, is one of his specialties. Spending time in nature, sparks his passion for connecting with people and capturing priceless treasures. God created the beauty ~our job is to preserve the amazing moments and never stop exploring this beautiful world.