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Originally from western Kentucky, and having spent most of his adult life in the Nashville, Tennessee area, E. Lee Wilson, Jr. moved to the sunshine state of Florida in 2016 to pursue a full-time art career. With a background in fine art, graphic design and advertising from Murray State University and a BA in Computer Graphics from Southern Illinois University, he has always enjoyed blending art and science.

Since 2014, Lee has been creating and developing a series of science-based artwork, called “Cosmos”, that he has been using to introduce science concepts in astronomy, planetary science, and even astrophysics, to audiences both young and old. “I realized that I was combining art and science in such a way that I could help people nurture an interest in science through viewing my art. My technique of mixed media, where I include materials from nature (like beach sand and seashells, diamond dust, meteorite fragments, and meteorite dust), give my work a rich texture, but also provide talking points for the science behind my work. My artist talks and docent tours of my Cosmos series have enhanced that connection even more. I am now developing ways to integrate my artwork with STEAM programs, and exploring how my artwork can help further those the goals of those programs.”

E. Lee Wilson, Jr. has shown his Cosmos artwork at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the Eastern Florida State College Planetarium and Observatory, Spacefest IX and X, in Tucson, Arizona, and for the Space for Art Foundation and Constellation Foundation, as well as in several fine art galleries in the southeastern United States. He is now creating a new science-based art exhibition for the summer of 2020 for the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa Florida.