Iris Peters

Acrylic | Mixed Media


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I love living here in Vero Beach, transitioning from Baltimore Md about five years ago. I had slowly grown to dislike the winters there as everything seem to turn to grey, though nature in the spring, brought life back around the Chesapeake Bay where I lived.

I have always been somewhat creative in one way or another, usually through designing knitted garments, though I started painting in acrylics and really enjoy it. It wasn't until I moved to Florida where I live on my boat, that my love for color, and what seems like an eternal abundance of bright and subtle shades in all kinds of sea creatures, Florida birdlife, and the ocean, really piqued my expressions in my paintings. I like to add dimension by using shells, sand, and sea glass in my pictures. One has to be a bit creative, living in a boat as I do and finding room to paint and work your craft, but I usually spread out over the cockpit table looking out over the water, spotting an occasional manatee or dolphin.

I have taken part in many of events in and around Central and South Florida, including Art in the Park, Space Coast and Melbourne Fine Art Festivals, and Under the Oaks where I sell a great deal of my art. I sell under Iris SeaArt and have a Facebook page website under that name. I to try to improve my technique thru continued training and stepping into more intense, detailed scenes and references to transfer onto canvas.