Diane Guinn

Clay / Porcelain



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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away" Kiln Fired Art – through the means of hand rolled clay bodies, molds, silver and/or glass.

With the aid of several kilns, clay bodies are turned into one-of-a kind whimsical ornaments, vessels, and wall hangings. Ancient Raku techniques, underglaze, and homemade glazes are manipulated on hand-rolled ceramic and porcelain clay bodies. Fired glass combines the old with the new to become Art or Jewelry. Loving to work with my hands, I took an interest in ceramics over 50 years ago. Working with a kiln fascinated me. This fascination led me to explore other avenues of fire-able art. During this time, my ceramic education was being developed through teacher certifications Mayco, Duncan, Gare, Dona, Bell Ceramics, Seeley’s and Fashion Hues. My interest in fired arts led me to porcelain doll making. Eventually I became a Grand Master Porcelain Doll Artist in both antique and modern dolls, having studied under the Master’s of porcelain doll artists. My passion is decorative china painting and glass fusing. In the past decade I have studied with many “masters” of fine porcelain art painting.

I am a retired Executive Secretary from Harris Corporation, having served Harris for 30+ years. I am the founder of Florida Porcelain Artists, proud member of International Porcelain Artists (IPAT) and organizer for the Florida Ceramic Show. Previously served as the President of the Central Florida Ceramic Guild; 2nd VP for Central Brevard Artists Association (CBAA), and Former President of Brevard Porcelain Artist Club. I am an active member of the Art Gallery of Viera.