Mitch Gubnitsky

Acrylic | Mixed Media | Oil


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“Growing up in South Florida, I learned to appreciate all the natural beauty Florida has to offer. I have been interested in art since childhood occasionally taking classes in acrylic painting, drawing and mixed-medium. I followed a path of nursing as an occupation caring for all ages in various fields of nursing. My art allows me to balance the stresses of the nursing field with the energy and wonders found in nature.

Fortunately, my wife shares my adventurous spirit and passion for the beauty of nature, this lead us to travel nursing. This job experience allowed me to explore diverse cultures and art forms. These encounters would expand my artistic vision. Also, we were fortunate to travel internationally. These travels exposed me to different environments, climates and wildlife which would influence my art.

As a certified diver, I have been face-to-face with manatees, sea turtles, manta rays, and spectacular creatures of the sea represented in my art. These experiences provide much of my inspiration. I continue to challenge my skills and creativity with new mediums, always seeking to reflect the splendor of the natural environment.”