Richard Gillmor

Acrylic | Mixed Media


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Influenced by Impressionists like Monet and Ce'zanne, Richard started painting water scenes in high school. His father, Richard sr... Already an accomplished artist encouraged and taught him the finer points of perspective and color theory. After graduating with a 60 hour major/minor in Fine Art from Western Michigan University, Richard embarked on a 36 year career in sales and marketing. During this time, including several business startups, art played a role in things like ad campaigns and marketing strategies.

After retiring in 2005, Richard picked up the brush again and joined the Sebastian River Art Club. Still active in the club, Richard has served as chair of Art in Public Places, Vice President, and President of the club. Talking about his motivation the artist says, “The interplay of light and reflection on the water remains fascinating to me. 30 years of living in the Florida Keys and traveling through the Caribbean has given me a huge store of visual memories, and I enjoy putting them down on canvas.” For the last few years Richard has been displaying and selling his “Kinetic Sculptures” as well as his paintings at venues like Art by the Sea, and Art on the Island in Vero Beach.