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Rebecca grew up on a dairy farm in southwest Missouri. She lived in Las Vegas until moving to Florida in 2006, where she obtained a certification in photography from ESFU. She loves to share her knowledge and has taught workshops in photography and Photoshop. Rebecca continues to focus on learning and refining her skills through both attending and teaching various workshops and seminars.

Rebecca’s focus is on the natural environment, and she chooses a personal fine art project each year to perfect new photographic techniques. Her recent project is of long exposure stationary objects in water, which she calls “Seascapes”. This technique blurs the water while keeping the stationary objects sharp. Previous projects were of “Painterly” flower macro photography and “Vibrato” close-ups of musical instruments emphasizing depth of field.

Rebecca's fine art photography has been exhibited through local art galleries and the Brevard Cultural Alliance. She has received many awards for her photography, including Photographers Forum and the International Photography Awards. While fine art photography is her first artistic love, she is also an inspiring professional commercial and architectural photographer.