Lisa Jo Babb



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Lisa Jo is a proud wife and mother of two grown children. Her fascination with art began at a young age in public school with the usual creations of construction paper, glitter, and glue. After high school she devoted her time to creating a home with her husband and two children, but as a young mother, she began to pass the time during naps sketching charcoal portraits and painting oil on glass.

Until recently her passion took a back seat to raising a family. She detoured through a series of interesting jobs, including teacher, tractor builder, butcher and 10 long years as a rural carrier for the post office. Now, she travels with her husband and is taking time to explore her passion for color using acrylics on canvas and on canvas board. She has focused most recently on creating fun landscapes including beach scenes which bring out the infinite multitude of colors found in the sky and endless variety to be found in “ever changing” clouds. She also produces abstracts composed of passionate color, striking contrasts, and unusual combinations of mixed media-ribbon, beads, and string. She is ready to share her art with you, enjoy.