Anita Svatik



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Svatik was born and raised in Germany. In 1976 at the age of 22, she moved to Florida. Art was her passion as long as she can remember. In her earlier years, Svatik created art using oils, but as a true artist she evolved, experimenting with watercolor realizing, that she found her preferred medium. Acquiring as many books as possible, she taught herself over the course of few years. As life would have it, Svatik and her husband started a family and her priority became raising her two sons.

In 2008, she began taking classes in watercolor and has been painting on a regular basis ever since. Last year she attended a “Zentangle” class and found that she absolutely loved that style. Her artwork is inspired by the Zentangle method of pattern drawing; a technique created using ink as a medium and incorporating a variety of patterns into the artwork. Many of these patterns were taught in class, but Svatik came up with a few of her own. Since her primary medium is watercolor, Svatik has added color to her ink drawings, making them come alive. Svatik says, “This is such a relaxing drawing technique, you get lost in time.” Svatik lives in Palm Shores, spending evenings and weekends immersed in her artwork. “There is no better place to paint and enjoy the beautiful weather than my back porch,” says Svatik.