Andy Sokol



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Offering fresh visual perspectives on both ordinary and extraordinary objects which surround us, TurboFox Photography strives to present the world in stunning, new and majestic ways. Left-brained by trade as an aerospace engineer, Andy Sokol exercises his right brain through creative and unique photography. Andy originally trained in film and darkroom methods in the late 1990s, and continued exploring and evolving his style, expanding his body of work over the next decade.

As an engineer on the Space Shuttle program (with access to such magnificent subject matter) his innovative perspectives in his shuttle photos are met with great zeal by employees & enthusiasts alike. These photos, complemented by his portfolio of wildlife, scenery & landscapes, world landmarks & destinations, and even abstract works, encompass a wide variety of striking images with something for everyone! Out of this photographic cornucopia, TurboFox Photography was born. TurboFox Photography provides local personalized services and proudly exhibits at fine art shows across the state.