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Phyllis Shipley has been producing fine art for the past thirty years and has been a successful gallery owner, a successful art show participant and award winner, and a continuing student in the details of watercolor and acrylics. Phyllis Shipley began painting in the early 1980’s realizing a childhood dream. After years of playing and teaching music with the organ and piano, raising children, and a successful career as a purchasing executive with a major chemical corporation, the time was right and it was also available to pursue her dream and passion.

Phyllis began her art studies in oil at Tennessee State University. Once being introduced to watercolor, she discovered that water media was the expressive media for her. She has extended her studies, in the United States, Europe and Central America with well known watercolor painters as Janet Walsh, Marilyn H. Phillis, Barbara Nechis, Gerald Brommer, Shelia Parsons, Kathryn Chang Lu, Carrie Brown, Judi Betts, Linda Doll and others. Ms. Shipley was also one of the original members of the Tennessee Ten art organization. Artist Shipley, a native of Johnson City, Tennessee, opened her first gallery in 1984 in a gift shop, with friends, in Kingsport, Tennessee. Later, she opened a gallery in October of 1996 in Johnson City. Ms Shipley applies her “inner vision” to create loose and flowing colors with a musical fluidity of expression. Painting from her “inner vision” is like a musical score; to express emotion and beauty in the brush as the melody rings in our ears.

Besides being a successful gallery owner, Phyllis has participated in many art shows in the U.S., averaging 18 to 20 shows annually and winning awards of merit and best in show at several of these. Although she enjoys applying her talents to subjects of her own interests, she has worked with many customers and decorators to create specific commissions to satisfy unique requirements for colors, sizes and subject matters. Phyllis has completed many large format paintings and murals for commercial businesses, law firms, doctor’s offices, hospitals and private homes. She was featured in an article by The National Register Magazine on line . She was indoctrinated into The Millennium Who's Who Magazine for 2022. Call for an appointment to view Phyllis’s work, or to discuss commissions at 321-446-7711.