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Hello! My name is Michell “Mimi” Givens, and I am an artist as well as an English teacher. I love to paint, sketch, and create as a sacred hobby. I live with my husband Kevin, who shares my fascination with Florida’s landscape, from the beaches to the wilderness. A love of outdoor adventures is what inspires my landscapes. We have four grown children, Adam; Raymond and his wife, Ashleigh; Jen and her husband Reinaldo; and Britt and her partner, Sean. Thanks to Jen, we also cherish two grandsons, Carlos and David. My artwork has shown and sold in both RI and Florida. I graduated from Harvard with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Literature, earned a Masters in Teaching from Rhode Island College, and currently teach English, grade seven, at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. I have been creating all my life, but I’ve only been oil painting for about eleven years.

My artwork shows my reverence for nature and people. I use oil on canvas, with a gesso base. First, I take photographs. Then I sketch in my journal, sketch again on canvas, use turpentine and oils to do a wash, and then finally begin oil painting. After drying for at least six months, I coat the painting with a Damaar Varnish to make it shine, and to make the vivid colors pop. As an artist, I see things others would just pass by, and feel closest to God when I am outside, or painting. Thank you, and God bless!