Karin Delagi

Acrylic | Mixed Media | Watercolor



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“With the first trace of paint on the white canvas a new adventure begins. Some adventures are short and swift; others seem like they will never find an end. But all are intense and exciting. Amazing! I am often made speechless and humbled at the result.” Karin was born in the lush countryside of Germany. Even as a child she had great admiration for the beauty of nature. The urge of “holding onto the moment” was always present and she would try to transform that on paper when and where ever she could.

In school, art was one of her favorite subjects. Although never having the opportunity to formerly pursue and study art, she never stopped expressing her feelings on paper, on canvas or even in clay. In the past she was able to learn and progress in watercolor through the teachings of artist Ginger Sebeck; in watercolor and acrylic with Spanish artist Maria de Rosario-Edrich while living in Germany; and in Acrylic with the Dutch master artist and sculptor Frits Van Eeden in Melbourne, Florida. “The excitement of adventure lies within the first brush stroke of paint on a canvas.”