Vanessa Bates



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Vanessa Bates started her career as a graphic designer and illustrator but gravitated towards fine art as her experimentation in color drifted outside the gamut possible with traditional printing techniques. Recently Vanessa has returned to the digital medium as her skills in programs like E-on's Vue and Newtek's Lightwave progress. Early illustration lessons still influences Vanessa's art as each work has a simple focus and careful use of color and light to further direct attention to the subject of the piece.

When painting with acrylic, Vanessa believes that the canvas is where the true color mixing begins. Digital pieces emulate techniques used in her paintings, even when working with 3d objects (only the color is defined with lighting and layers instead).

The subject matter itself is often chosen for humor, expressed either as visual irony or lighthearted observation, and as an award winning and internationally collected artist, it is her sincerest hope to that there might be something here that brightens your home or office as well.