Brevard Symphony Orchestra: Come Spy With Us

For your eyes only, your SCSO unveils a top-secret document discovered by our crack team of deep-cover spies: this electrifying concert will transport you into the shadowy underworld of espionage, international intrigue, romance and adventure through the irresistible soundtracks that help make spy cinema so popular all over the world.  Special agent Aaron Collins leads the program that features the heavy hitters of the genre like James Bond and Mission: Impossible. Thrillers that fit the bill are also included—Munich and North by Northwest—as well as unforgettable comedies like The IncrediblesCatch Me if You Can and The Pink Panther. This spirited performance presented at the movie theater will make you feel like you’re in the know.  But start watching now, because this message will self-destruct in five, four, three…

AMC 16 Theatres, The Avenues 2241 Town Center Ave, Melbourne, FL 32940

Andrew Cleaver, saxophone

NEWTON HOWARD Red Sparrow Overture
MANCINI Peter Gunn
MANCINI The Pink Panther
GIACCHINO The Incredibles
SILVESTRI The Avengers
SCHIFRIN Mission: Impossible
WILLIAMS Escapades from Catch Me If You Can
WILLIAMS Prayer for Peace from Munich
BARRY James Bond Medley
ARNOLD Casino Royale
HERRMANN North by Northwest


Feb 03 - 04 2024


3:00 pm

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AMC Avenue 16
2241 Town Center Ave, Melbourne FL 32940


Brevard Symphony Orchestra
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