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Due to the pandemic, children have spent fewer hours in school engaged in learning which caused increased concern about a widening achievement gap and the potential for a higher future drop-out rate. Middle schools are particularly vulnerable, both socially and academically, and Brevard County boys in particular, were falling behind by a large margin. In an effort to help improve academic achievement and encourage school involvement, BCA created an extra-curricular arts program in order to enrich the lives of Brevard Public School (BPS) students and to help mitigate the widening achievement gap between both boys and girls in our middle schools. This program aims to provide students with an opportunity to find a connection that keeps them engaged in school as well as:

  • Implement approximately six extra-curricular Arts Clubs targeting boys in middle school
  • Develop artistic and creative interests and skills
  • Maintain school retention rates
  • Contribute to BPS students’ overall healthy social-emotional development
  • Support students in becoming productive and responsible adults
  • Encourage students’ ability to use time constructively
  • Increase students’ value of and commitment to education
When are Club related activities held?2021-06-10T14:34:06+00:00

Club hours and all club-related activities may be held during times that are convenient for the teacher to occur outside of their contracted work hours with Brevard Public School District. All activities must conclude by the end of the school year. Each Club Director sets the schedule, hours and project plans for their respective club.

Where are Club related activities held?2021-06-10T14:35:39+00:00

All clubs are to be held on the school campus.

What type of Activities can be held?2021-06-10T14:41:34+00:00

Clubs activities are intended to be extracurricular and must not be included as a part or extension of regular class curriculum as this would create an inequity for those unable to participate. Allowable activities include creative activities in areas of interest with which a teacher has done research, has personal experience or a background in, or artistic enrichment available through online tools such as virtual field trips (so that e-learners can also be included).

In addition, “the Arts” is an all-encompassing word that includes multiple disciplines. Club activities through this program should primarily focus on projects in the visual or performing arts. Ideally, activities should focus on themes that would attract middle school boys to their programs (e.g., sci fi, space, video games, anime, comics, hip hop, jazz, etc.). However, clubs cannot be exclusive and all students must be welcomed (i.e., all genders are welcome and clubs may not require audition and/or application for students to participate).

How much participation in needed for a Club?2021-06-10T14:44:48+00:00

While it is understandable and expected that clubs would naturally pull from an applied teacher’s existing student pool, the goal is to open the opportunity up to a wider audience. Teachers agree to make an active effort to recruit beyond their existing classes.

In order to maintain a successful program, each club must maintain a minimum attendance at each meeting in order to justify the expenditure of instruction. If any program drops below five students for every one instructor for more than two weeks in a row, the program will need to be reevaluated.

How can I become involved in an Arts Club?2021-06-10T14:49:51+00:00

The first step is to contact, Julie Kinzey, our Arts Education Manager. All BPS employees, as well as professional artists, must provide personal completed W-9 forms and any professional artists will be subject to an interview and background check prior to participation in the program.

How much time is involved in running a Club?2021-06-10T14:52:47+00:00

Planning hours are a necessary element of a successful Arts Club. Planning activities include anything from lesson planning, online research or purchasing club materials. However, since the goal of the program is to spend the funds engaging with students, planning time should not exceed 30% of the total allotment of instruction hours per club.

Do I need to be an Arts Teacher to participate?2021-06-10T14:54:50+00:00

No. Club Directors need not be an Arts applied teacher at the school however they must be a BPS employee and have access to a space and materials on a school campus that will support the needs of the club. Directors will be required by the district to sign off on a Dual Employment Form and submit it to the BPS Human Resources Department.

Are any materials provided with the program?2021-06-10T15:24:34+00:00

Yes. Each club will be allotted a certain amount in materials expenses. Items can be requested to be purchased by the BCA Education Manager or the Club Director can request reimbursement for pre-approved items. All materials must be approved in writing via email prior to purchase or they may be deemed non-reimbursable. It is recommended that materials be sourced in a way that supports Brevard County and/or maximizes materials funds.


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