Why Support BCA?

Arts and Culture are part of the solution to Economic Development. Non-profit arts organizations are a catalyst to generate economic impact, stimulate business development, spur urban renewal, attract tourists and area residents to community activities and improve the overall quality of life. Arts and Culture contribute more than $68.5 million annually to Brevard County’s GDP.

Arts and Culture are part of the solution to student achievement.

According to the Department of Education, students with high levels of arts participation outperform arts-poor students on virtually every measure. Young people who participate in the arts for at least three hours on three days each week through for at least one full year are:
-4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
-3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
-4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
-3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance
-4 times more likely to win an award for writing.

To see some examples of the Brevard Cultural Alliance’s Artists in Residencies in Brevard Public Schools click here.

Arts and Culture are part of the Solution to Community Revitalization. From revitalization efforts in downtown Titusville to the renewal of historic downtown Melbourne, the continued popularity of Cocoa Village and the birth of an art district in Eau Gallie, the arts and culture play a big part in revitalization efforts. Communities who capitalize on the power or arts, culture and historic resources have a greater return on their investment.

Arts and Culture are part of the Solution to Tourism. Florida’s arts and cultural resources attract and keep tourists in our state longer. Cultural tourists spend more and stay longer. Our recent study revealed that 20% of attendees at Brevard’s art and cultural events were from outside Brevard County.

Arts and Culture are part of the solution to Quality of Life. The arts, cultural and historic resources are connected and intertwined throughout every aspect of our communities and lives. Just imagine the impact on society without our arts and cultural resources…

Each year, the health profession – senior care centers, hospitals, rehabilitation programs and treatment facilities, add more arts and humanities programs into their overall approach to improve patient’s health and their spirits. Research shows the healing power of the arts.

BCA serves artists, cultural organizations and the community. A gift to the Brevard Cultural Alliance – of your time, your skills, or your assets – has a ripple effect in the lives of all Brevard residents and visitors.

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