Developing Cultural Destination


It is a rare day on the Space Coast when there is not a performance, exhibition, or other cultural event from which to choose. Brevard’s cultural groups enthrall with unique offerings at theatres, galleries, museums, concerts and festivals.The opportunities cultural destination lends are both diverse and manifest. Cultural destinations provide for the profusely rich experience visitors demand which, in turn, benefits residents. Brevard can work toward becoming a culturally rich county with conventional, classic and cutting-edge art and cultural offers that complement those of Orlando and further afield, and BCA is working with willing partners to lay down the foundations that will build Brevard as a cultural destination – for the benefit of visitors and residents alike.

-Build collaborations and cooperative models
-Disseminate best practice to raise the bar in programmatic excellence
-Deliver initiatives that advance the county as a cultural destination
— to benefit all

Learn more at the following links about current cultural destination based programs we support:

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