How to Exhibit Artwork

Brevard Cultural Alliance Art in Public Places Exhibit Program

Brevard Cultural Alliance manages the Art in Public Places exhibition program which curates and installs artwork in thirty one sites. The sites include Melbourne International Airport, Health Care Facilities, Law Firms, FirstWave Financial, Hilton Rialto, CareerSourceBrevard, Lexus of Melbourne, Titusville/Cocoa Airport Administration Building, Government Buildings, Eastern Florida State Planetarium and Observatory, Courtenay Springs Village, and Palm Bay City Hall.

How Individual Artists and Galleries can exhibit?

  • Artwork must be juried through the Art in Public Places Advisory Committee for quality and content.
  • The Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every month to review submissions for exhibit approval.
  • Actual artwork or photos of the artwork and bio of the artist/gallery must be in the BCA office by Tuesday of that week.
  • Each piece of artwork is juried individually
  • All artwork or photos of artwork must have titles on the back accompanied by list with prices.
  • All artwork must be wired for installation
  • Once approved the exhibit manager will schedule artwork for installation in a suitable site
  • Each artist/gallery must sign a Release of Liability which will cover Brevard County, Brevard Cultural Alliance, Inc., and all sites where artwork work is displayed.

What BCA will do for You?

  • BCA will curate the exhibits
  • BCA will prepare the release of liability
  • BCA will install artwork
  • BCA will transport artwork to the location (unless piece is too large for designated vehicle)
  • BCA will prepare signage for each piece
  • BCA will conduct sales of artwork BCA and will process credit card sales if necessary (artist is charged 3% of total sale price for swipe fee)
  • Purchaser is encouraged to pay for artwork with check or cash (check made payable to artist)
  • BCA will meet purchaser and install a replacement
  • BCA will promote the exhibits on BCA website
  • Space Coast Cancer Centers require 20% of artwork sale price be donated to the Space Coast Cancer Foundation