Art In Public Places

Art in Public Places exhibits both interior and exterior artwork in public spaces and provides opportunities for area businesses to boldly display their support for the arts. The revolving Interior Exhibition Program currently serves more than 225 artists throughout the county, continuously displaying more than 650 pieces, with an estimated 400,000+ people viewing the artwork. Sites include high-traffic locations such as Melbourne International Airport, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Eastern Florida State College Planetarium, and Brevard County Government Center.

The arts, as a communication tool, are a vital necessity in a complex world. Art encourages communication with the self and provides for individual core growth. In Brevard County, artists begin their journey at vastly different ages – some unearthing the seeds of creative talent well into retirement.

The Exterior Sculpture Program is a project that brings art to the public beyond museum walls.  Displaying outdoor sculpture acts as a beacon, enhances the aesthetic experience and as a cultural landmark draws attention to the participating business such as Cumberland Farms Convenience Stores and Miller & Hurt Financial. The artists loan their artwork, which is also for sale, through the BCA program for a period of six months. The artists are paid an honorarium to offset the cost of transportation and installation of their sculpture.

The arts contribute and enhance quality of life, cultural tourism, employment of a viable workforce and the creation of higher values for property and business owners.  Exterior sculptures create inspiration for on-going improvement, and reflect a positive image of the community – turning an ordinary location into a destination for both visitors and residents.

The BCA takes no commission for work sold through this program.

Art in Public Places Fact Sheet [PDF]

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How to Exhibit Artwork

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