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My art reflects my interpretation of life growing up in the rural Midwest. The randomness of nature, the vibrant bloom a result of a withered seed planted in the ground, the warmth and softness of the animals surrounding me...all influence the paintings of today. I like to feel the depth between the petals in my paintings as I would feel the blossoms in hand. I like to feel the softness of an animal in my paintings as I would in real life. I believe seeing and feeling go hand in hand when creating a piece of art and try to display that in my finished work.

My earliest memories are the memories of growing up on a farm in the Midwest. The beauty of the flowers in my mother’s garden, the corn in the fields, the cows in the pasture, new kittens in the haymow…all the richness of that farm life and growing up on a creative family influences my art and who I am and how I see things today. The boldness of nature and its vivid contrasts is reflected in my vivid acrylic paintings. I majored in Art at Western Illinois University. Most of my techniques are self taught although I did participate in workshops in Houston, TX., Nashville, TN and Cedar Rapids, IA. My artwork has been on exhibition throughout the Midwest. I have private collectors nationally and have been commissioned for numerous portraits of pets, people, and flowers.

Until my recent move to Florida I taught acrylic painting to private students both young and adult and have conducted several events for large groups and private parties.