Please Contact Your County Commissioner Today


Please email or call your County Commissioner either today or tomorrow morning to voice your support for funding for arts and culture in next year’s budget.

Your County Commissioner will participate in a Board of Commissioners Budget Workshop tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday April 10, to discuss FY18 funding from the County’s General Operating Fund. This is a major source of funding, providing $100,000 for the County’s arts and cultural sector.

A strident minority of citizens are insisting Commissioners remove funding for the arts so roads can be repaired. I don’t need to tell you that removing arts funding would only result in a mile or so of road repairs but would send a signal to the rest of the country that Brevard doesn’t care about art or culture or quality of life. In addition to quality of life, our recent economic impact report illustrated that the arts and cultural sector contributed $71.3 million to our local GDP and supported over 1,500 full or part time jobs.

Please, let your Commissioner know the choice made now, between a mile of road or supporting art and culture as a significant economic engine, is an easy choice – a mile of roads will not contribute $71.3 million to GDP or support over 1,500 jobs – the Commissioner must support the arts and reject any calls for cuts!

We’d also respectfully request that you take the time to meet with your Commissioner over the coming two months to express your views about the importance of the arts and cultural sector and to impress upon them that we need their help to build upon our past successes. It is absolutely critical that your Commissioner hear from you, the citizen who voted them into office – and if your commissioner is supportive of arts and culture, please thank him or her.

We look forward to feedback from you and thank you for your continued support of the arts and cultural sector here in Brevard County.

Here is a list of the Commissioners emails and office phone numbers:

Brevard County Commissioners

District 1
(Vice Chair)
Commissioner Rita Pritchett
Ph: (321) 607-6901
Email Commissioner
  District 2
Commissioner Jim Barfield  
Ph: (321) 454-6601
Email Commissioner
District 3
Commissioner John Tobia
Ph: (321) 633-2075
Email Commissioner
  District 4 (Chair) Commissioner Curt Smith
Ph: (321) 633-2044
Email Commissioner
District 5
Commissioner Kristine Isnardi 
Ph: (321) 253-6611
Email Commissioner