STEAM Artist Residencies

What is BCA’s STEAM Artist Residency Program?

BCA STEAM Artist Residencies are a subset of the Next Generation Artist Residencies program. STEAM residencies intensify the Next Generation program’s focus on acquisition of 21st century skills by teaching STEM with the integration of the arts.

STEAM residencies provide educational experiences that transform STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into STEAM, with an A for the arts. STEAM projects have the power to humanize technology and expand the possibilities to understand and use it, thereby improving technology and media literacy.

Many of BCA’s STEAM residencies have enhanced students’ appreciation and understanding of visual and audiovisual arts in the digital domain by creation of artwork using a variety of equipment and software tools. Participants gain computer knowledge as well as the capacity for creativity and innovation.

STEAM residencies also provide the opportunity to implement cross-curricular integration in the form of digital artwork that is based on Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies content.

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Who should apply for a BCA STEAM Artist Residency?

Any Brevard County teacher or school may apply for the program. BCA’s artist residencies are not exclusively oriented to activity teachers (visual arts, music, dance, etc.); educators of all grades and subject areas are encouraged to seize the opportunity to explore the possibilities of arts integration and its potential to add innovation and novelty to instruction.

BCA is aware, as well, of the imperative need to bridge the gap between how students are presently equipped versus what they will actually need in the near future. Our goal is to assist schools with implementation of 21st century teaching and learning concepts by incorporating this content into each residency experience.

STEAM Teaching Artists

The current program includes professional teaching artists with expertise in different digital arts disciplines and educational programs. If you are interested in hosting a STEAM artist residency, please carefully read each artist’s information to find the best fit for your school.

Hassan Patterson

Illustration, Design and Computer Graphics

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Kathleen Smith

Visual Arts, 2D Computer Graphics and 3D Digital Sculpting.

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Chris Kahl

Music, Singing and Songwriting.

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Victoria Bellucci

3D Modeling and 2D Computer Graphics

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Jon Emmerich

Video Production, Screenwriting & Photography

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Kim Hunt

Photography & Digital Imaging

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