2016-17 Next Generation & STEAM Artist Residencies

2015-16 Residencies Sponsors

In partnership with Brevard Schools Foundation and with funding from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, BCA implemented 15 Next Generation Artist Residencies offered during regular school hours. In total, 1,850 students were directly served with instruction by professional artists.

Beyond the instruction provided by our teaching artists, Next Generation Artist Residencies afford many opportunities for the larger school community and families to participate, in the form of experiencing culminating events, performances, exhibitions, and public art projects. In total 1,650 students and 300 adults (staff and parents) participated in these residency-related activities.

Next Generation Artist Residencies seek to enhance not only participants’ artistic skills but also overall academic performance and to equip students with transferable 21st century life skills, such as capacities for creativity and innovation. Six of the 2015-16 residencies focused on integration of the arts with STEM subjects (STEAM).

Here is a list of the 14 participating schools and a short description of each residency.

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Residencies enhance existing curriculum as well as complement and enrich teachers’ instructional plans, particularly in disciplines where teachers require assistance, thereby providing professional development for participating educators. BCA’s Next Generation Artist Residencies seeks to enhance not only participants’ artistic skills but overall academic performance, fostering capacities for creativity and innovation, and equipping students with transferable life skills.

BCA’s artist residencies are not exclusively oriented to activity teachers (visual arts, music, dance, etc.). Any educator interested  in exploring the possibilities of arts integration and its potential to add innovation and novelty to instruction.

STEAM artist residencies are a subset of BCA’s Next Generation Artist Residencies program. These residencies focus on integrating the arts in a cross-curricular fashion to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in new and creative ways.

BCA Teaching Artists

Next Generation and STEAM residencies utilize professional teaching artists with expertise in different disciplines and types of educational programs. If you are interested in hosting a residency, please carefully read each artist’s information to find the best fit for your school.

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2016-17 Application

The deadline for schools to apply for 2016-17 Next Generation and STEAM Artist Residencies is October 7, 2016. If you have questions, please contact us anytime.

Pablo Remonsellez
Education & Community Arts Manager
Brevard Cultural Alliance