2015-16 Next Generation & STEAM Artist Residencies

2015-16 Residencies Sponsors

In partnership with Brevard Schools Foundation and with funding from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, BCA implemented 14 Next Generation Artist Residencies offered during regular school hours. In total, 1,639 students were directly served with instruction by professional artists.

Beyond the instruction provided by our teaching artists, Next Generation Artist Residencies afford many opportunities for the larger school community and families to participate, in the form of experiencing culminating events, performances, exhibitions, and public art projects. In total 2,948 students and 956 adults (staff and parents) participated in these residency-related activities.

Next Generation Artist Residencies seek to enhance not only participants’ artistic skills but also overall academic performance and to equip students with transferable 21st century life skills, such as capacities for creativity and innovation. Six of the 2015-16 residencies focused on integration of the arts with STEM subjects (STEAM).

Here is a list of the 14 participating schools and a short description of each residency.

Next Generation Artists Residencies:

DeLaura Middle School, Satellite Beach               

Seventh and eighth grade students (41 students) worked under the instruction of mosaic artists Betsy Heath and Laura Quintin to create and install a ceramic wall mural on the visual style of Pop Art.

Jupiter Elementary (Title 1), Palm Bay

Mosaic artist Betsy Heath guided 136 students (first through sixth grades) in the production and installation of a new mosaic for a planter on the school’s west side that depicts Brevard County’s scenery and popular landmarks.

Oak Park Elementary (Title 1), Titusville

Six classes of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students (105 students) learned African dance, drumming and storytelling with Don and Tutu Harrell of Orisirisi African Folklore.  Participants shared their newly learned skills in two culminating performance with 435 students and 33 adults in attendance.

Palm Bay Elementary (Title 1), Palm Bay                              

Orisirisi African Folklore instructed two gifted student classes and their group of partners from the special education program (41 students) in African dance, drumming and storytelling. The culminating activity was a performance for the entire school community, totaling 808 students and 65 adults.

Pinewood Elementary (Title 1), Mims

Visual artist Mary Moon worked with first through fifth graders (119 students) on the design, creation and installation of three mosaic panels featuring Florida panthers and local native plant life.

Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay

Four 3D Studio art classes (120 students in seventh and eighth grades) worked under the instruction of visual artist Mary Moon on the creation and installation of two large external mosaics featuring the school’s mascot. The mural was dedicated during an unveiling ceremony with students, parents, faculty, and School Board members in attendance (60 students and 78 adults).

Sunrise Elementary (Title 1), Palm Bay                 

Twenty kindergarten through sixth grade classes (440 students) participated in the creation of a mosaic featuring sea turtles (the school mascot). Visual artist Linda Noble led the project and provided instruction. The rest of the school community helped in the creation and installation process (410 students and 180 adults).

Suntree Elementary, Melbourne                                            

Musician/songwriter Anna Lusk and dance instructor Mia Pacitto worked with four third grade classes (102 students) on every aspect of the production of a dance/musical performance about the conservation of the Indian River Lagoon. The culminating activities were two performances for the whole school community (640 students and 400 adults).

STEAM Artist Residencies:

Golfview Elementary Magnet School (Title 1), Rockledge            

Designer Victoria Bellucci delivered a STEAM residency in which three sixth grade classes (75 students) were instructed in use of computer software (Sketch-Up) to create 3D models of custom furniture designs which were 3D printed.

Imperial Estates Elementary School (Title 1), Titusville

Two third grade and two fourth grade classes (83 students) learned about connections between science and music through a STEAM residency with singer/songwriter Chris Kahl. Students presented a final performance to an audience of 75 students and 150 adults.

Longleaf Elementary, Melbourne                                           

Video artist Jon Emmerich worked with six groups of fourth, fifth and sixth graders (130 students) on the production of stop motion animations. The products of this STEAM residency were animations that were broadcast to introduce the morning school news and viewed by 520 students and 50 adults.

Riviera Elementary (Title 1), Palm Bay

Through this STEAM residency, four fourth grade classes (74 students) worked with visual artist Hassan Patterson creating comic books about Florida’s environmental issues and superheroes that would fix them. The comics were digitized and compiled to create a digital book.

Sculptor Charter School, Titusville                          

Photographer/media artist Kim Hunt presented a STEAM residency focused on the creation of digital photographic artwork and image manipulation. A total of 128 students in seventh and eighth grades participated in the program.

Stone Magnet Middle School, Melbourne          

In this STEAM residency, teaching artist Hassan Patterson instructed seventh and eighth graders (45 students) on basic illustration techniques to create a large pictorial map of the school. The process of drawing the artwork was video-recorded and edited to create a Whiteboard Animation used as a promotional tool for the school.